Rao Cash Review

Rao Cash Big House and Financial Freedom

Rao Cash is the world's first decentralized payment money and an innovative global community network for financial freedom and independence in our daily lives, built on the Binance Smart Chain, (BEP-20) with an extremely fast 3-second block time and cheaper gas fees than ethereum. Designed to distribute money transfers and payments around the world with automatic money making in your wallet.

With our RAO, people will be able to own decentralized money and not depend on governments, central banks and other such organizations.

Cryptocurrencies are now considered almost the best form of digital money with which you can earn and simply get high returns on your investments in the future.

We are a young startup that is growing rapidly through innovation and is aiming for long-term work in the cryptocurrency industry worldwide. In the near future we plan to legalize our company worldwide and thus establish ourselves as a global leader in the crypto industry. Everyone who has supported us in the initial stage of our development will get a high income in the future.

Just buy and keep the $RAO and earn rewards. Relax and enjoy the process, together we are building your future!

$RA0 is a multifunctional decentralized and innovative token with high transaction speed, which will be used as a means of exchange between members of our Rao Cash community in a decentralized way. The purpose of introducing $RAO is to provide a convenient and secure way of payments and settlements between the members of our global network interacting within the Rao Cash ecosystem, without any intermediaries such as centralized parties/institutions/credit institutions/central banks, etc.

The initial supply is 1,000,000,000 to a billion coins and has deflationary mechanics as opposed to traditional inflationary supply. With each transaction in our network, the number of RAO decreases, thanks to our automatic Hyper Burn.

At launch, we will burn 35% of our total supply. Why print something when you can just burn it? Just buy and store $RAO and get rewards. Relax and enjoy the process, together we are building your future!

RAO is positioning itself as the world leader in cryptocurrency and DeFi with automatic rewards in the Rao Cash wallet. It is the newest financial protocol worldwide that rewards our holders with $RAO tokens and gives everyone the highest stable return in cryptocurrency from their initial investment.

We have developed a new automatic good interest accrual feature for the RAO token as well as the highest fixed APY in the global market of 2,920.08% per year from transactions in our network, a per-second ROI (return on investment to your balance) of 8%. per transaction in the network for all users.

Our Rao Cash team focuses on all the innovations that create new benefits and value for our RAO token holders. Our automated protocol is used in RAO tokens, which gives us the best benefits for $RAO holders:

We are Introducing RAO💲CASH project with innovative features and a strong focus on security, growth, and community engagement.

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It's very simple, stable and secure with us - we provide you with automatic rewards right into your cryptocurrency wallet, right after you purchase $RAO. There is absolutely no need to transfer your tokens to our site. As soon as you buy our tokens, you immediately receive an 8% reward for every transaction online. This is the easiest auto-stacking protocol.

Our annual APY is about 2,920.08%, which is a very high APY among all the blockchains in the world, which fluctuates all the time, and means you can never tell how many tokens you can get because the more transactions happen online, the more accruals you get. Various third-party DeFi protocols constantly pay out high APY, which can fluctuate 85-90% each day. Our new protocol pays $RAO holders a flat rate of 8% per transaction on our network to your wallet for all holders or accrues 2,920.08% APY, which is the best tip of the iceberg in this industry for earning.

Just buy and hold $RAO and earn rewards. Relax and enjoy the process, together we are building your future!

Basic functionality in our ecosystem.

Simple and useful features within our network.

1 - Automatic interest accrual in your wallet

Fully automatic users get 8% reward per transaction in our network. Other popular protocols like Baby Doge pay out a maximum of 2.5% per transaction, with us it's 8%, allowing you to earn three times the rewards of your investment or holding $RAO. Our new high-speed $RAO auto-stacking protocol pays 8% per transaction on our network, making it the most profitable and fastest auto-stacking protocol in the crypto world.

2 - Automatic LP

Automatic LP liquidity is the most valuable component in our $RAO protocol. 3% buy commission and 3% sell commission are added to liquidity to ensure that the collateral value of the $RAO token grows and trading is reliable. This not only increases the price of our token, but also the very liquidity of our $RAO/$BNB pair on PancakeSwap V2.

3 - Insurance Treasury

Part of the funds from purchases and sales goes into our Insurance Treasury, this is 3% of the deal with which we support and develop our project, part of the funds goes to marketing around the world, farming and construction business, another part to buy gold and diamonds. The funds that come into our coffers will be used to develop and maintain our project, we will invest these funds in new startups that bring good income and support them with our project with the highest APY, and the profit from the income will go back to buy $RAO, where after purchase we will send all tokens to zero wallet for growth and deficit token.

We want to provide an approximate return of + 50% per year or even more so that we can better support our $RAO token price. Our team is confident that we can maintain our APY at 50% return per year than other projects with high and useless APY. All the while remaining very stable and steady in the global market in the crypto industry.

We are just getting started, so join our community at the start of the project, it will be very hot and profitable next.

4 - Auto Hyper Burn

Thanks to our own innovative auto Hyper Burning program, 1% is burned off of every transaction in our ecosystem! Thanks to our new Hyper Burning program, 1% of your total circulating stock is automatically burned off with every transaction, so your total $RAO stock will continually decrease compared to your balance, while your balance continually increases compared to your total RAO stock. This built-in mechanism creates a true supply/demand metric for the RAO token as it becomes increasingly scarce compared to your balance over time.

5 - Low online commissions

Lowest percentage commission on international payments and transfers in our ecosystem - 1% commission worldwide on transfers and payments within the network.

6 - Zero $RAO Wallet

We burned 35% of the total $RAO tokens issued at launch to ensure scarcity and reliability of the token, some of the LP liquidity we will block.

7 - Charity Wallet

Our company has a special charitable wallet that will be used for charity and support for people in need around the world. We will send a portion of the proceeds from our RAO to charities and people in need around the world. Our community will choose where and who we will help by voting on our website. We believe in goodness and believe that our mission is to help people in times of need, which is why we created this charity wallet.

8 - Internal RAOBANK

This is our personal investment RaoBank, designed to hold all cash and insurance reserves from our coffers. We are developing an innovative RaoBank ecosystem where you can earn from betting and farming as well as just your investments.

9 - Automatic Mining

Get coins into your wallet while you sleep. After you buy RAO, your mining will start automatically thanks to our new Auto Mining protocol.

10 - News Portal

Personal cryptocurrency news portal of our company, for mass information of millions of people from all over the world. The first of its kind, which publishes the latest cryptocurrency news from different sources and thanks to which the whole world knows about us.

11 - NFT platform for buying and selling

Fully decentralized trading platform designed for NFT trading, users can buy or sell NFT on the trading platform. A collection of 88 unique NFTs from Rao Cash is planned to be released.

12 - Rao Cash card

Rao Cash limited cryptocurrency card is designed for storing your funds, payments and transfers, purchases and sales all over the world. With this card, you can both buy our cryptocurrency and sell it anywhere in the world. At this stage, it is intended only for VIP investors of the Rao Cash ecosystem. It is currently under development and will be available soon after its completion. Join our VIP community of millions right now!

13 - Construction Business

Our team is engaged in investing in construction business, we support young start-ups in the construction business, in seaside resort areas. We develop the construction business, from which our investors receive a high income. On average + 100% net profit per year.

All funds earned from these activities go entirely to support our project and its development, as well as the purchase of RAO to increase its value. RAOs that are purchased with funds from the construction business are completely sent to the zero purse and thus provide its collateral value and further growth.

14 - And many new innovations, waiting for you with us in the future

Also at the opening stage of our project, the site is available in 11 different languages, in the future this number of languages will be increased and new languages will be added.

Such as:

English, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Netherlands, France, Portugal, German, Indian

Become a millionaire with Rao Cash in a short time, all your investments at the beginning of the project, can bring you high returns in the future, without any effort.

RaoBank, NFT, Staking, Mining, DefFi, blockchain, Web3, DAO, RAOSwap, RAOWallet app and more are waiting for you with us in the future. Millions of new users have already chosen us, join the fast-growing innovations of our global ecosystem.

Simply buy and store $RAO and earn rewards. Relax and enjoy the process, together we are building your future!

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