How much can I make with Rao Cash?

Just buy and hold $RAO and get paid while you sleep. All users get an 8% commission on purchases and sales from each transaction, so people who leave pay those holders who stay longer. When you buy bitcoin, no one earns any commissions, people only make money on the very rate of the currency up and down the market. In our Rao Cash community, we make money from the rate that goes up and down, as well as the transaction fees that our users receive of 8% of every transaction in our network.

Also, fully on automatic mining, which mines coins automatically and without any equipment. Our community earns from betting and farming in our RaoBanke, in which users invest their money for a long term of 1 to 10 years and get an average 50% annual return on their investment. Our goal is to destroy the market capitalization of bitcoin and become the most profitable cryptocurrency worldwide. By simply buying $100 worth of our tokens, in 1-3 years you will be financially free and independent for the rest of your life.

Get 8% commission on every transaction in our network just by lying on your couch and doing nothing. In all financial institutions, like banks, they get a transaction fee and you pay it. In our ecosystem, users get a commission per transaction, so all our community does in our ecosystem is have millions of people paying commissions to millions of people around the world, not stingy banks that get rich and only think about themselves, not people.

It's pretty simple: let's assume our per-second payout percentage is 8%, and you start with, say, $100 $RAO the first day, after a year you'll have about $2,920.08 $RAO on your balance sheet. Such is the power of compound interest!

Just buy any number of our RAO tokens and go about your business in peace. While you sleep, your money works for you without any effort. What could be better than that?

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