What is Automatic Liquidity LP?

Automatic LP.

Automatic LP liquidity is the most valuable component in our RAO protocol. 3% buy commission and 3% sell commission are added to liquidity to ensure that the collateral value of the $RAO token grows and trading is reliable. This not only increases the price of our token, but also the very liquidity of our $RAO/$BNB pair on PancakeSwap V2.

We have three main options:

1 - With liquidity automatically added to our $RAO/$BNB pair, all users can buy and sell $RAO at any time of the day or night, thereby providing stability and reliability when trading.

2 - You can also just buy our tokens, relax, hold them and get a nice profit in the form of 8% transaction fee in our network or about 2 920.08% p.a.

3 - You can also make money in the farming and construction business, which will give you +100% net profit per year, the income from which will be used to increase the price of RAO.

RFV is a brand new protocol to support the liquidity of the RAO token, with funds stored in a separate wallet. Thanks to the new RFV protocol, we will be able to maintain liquidity and control the ups and downs of the token price.

And simply put, with automated liquidity, we will be able to maintain our $RAO token and level out its price in the event of a sharp sell-off in the market. And the RFV fund itself will have full control of the process and will be able to prevent any unclear situation that may arise.

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