What is the Insurance Treasury?

Insurance Treasury.

Insurance Treasury has an important place in the Rao Cash ecosystem. It ensures the growth and sustainability of $RAO in transactions at any drawdown. Treasury is used to support RAO, to fund new Rao Cash products, services and projects that will expand and develop use cases in the global ecosystem.

Treasury supports young startups, funding new ideas and projects in the marketplace that will allow us to expand and grow in this industry of the crypto-economy.

1 - The insurance treasury will maintain the $RAO price at any drawdown in the market and thus will not allow the price to fall, but will steadily increase it. This will ensure constant growth and make the price as stable as possible.

2 - 1% of the money from the insurance coffers will go to buy diamonds and gold, which will be stored in our RaoBank, the other part will go to build houses and boarding houses at the seaside, giving you +100% net profit per year.

3 - With an average market capitalization of $100,000,000, our holders receive 8% commission, which is $8,000,000 in net profits that are distributed to our community.

4 - Let's kill bitcoin's market capitalization together and become the most profitable cryptocurrency in the world. In 1-10 years, we will kill the market capitalization of bitcoin and reach market value for $1 $RAO = $1000.

5 - You get 8% of your purchases and sales for each transaction throughout the day. All payments are redistributed to all holders automatically. This is the highest remuneration percentage in the world.

6 - With us you will receive 8% per day from just one transaction in our network - 248% per month - 2,920.08% per year.

But the most important thing our Treasury is responsible for is marketing our $RAO token. Through marketing, we fund and support the entire project from start to finish. More importantly, Treasury charges a 3% commission on transactions and ensures that the $RAO token is funded and grows and develops. Thanks to the treasury, construction businesses are growing, diamonds and gold are being bought, and young startups are developing.

The address of our Treasury wallet is:


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