RAO buy and sell fees

Buying and selling fees are one important component in our ecosystem. Buying and selling fees go towards securing and maintaining $RAO.

A 15% buy fee and 15% sell fee are charged by our network for transactions, in the future we will reduce this fee to the maximum so that the entire community can trade our cryptocurrency with the lowest fee on the market.

Of that, 8% is paid to our holders automatically to their wallet and 3% goes to the liquidity pool at pancakeswap.

Also 3% goes to our insurance coffers to maintain a stable price, development and marketing, and another 1% is burned automatically thanks to our auto Hyper Burn system. RaoBank, NFT, Staking, Mining, DefFi, blockchain, News Portal, Web3, DAO, RAOSwap, RAOWallet app and more are waiting for you with us.

Millions of new users have already chosen us, joining our community innovations in our global ecosystem.

And the biggest advantage we have is that we are the only RAO token that wins when whales or users sell or buy, because all those commissions go to support holders and the development of the Rao Cash ecosystem.

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