Automatic accrual of interest in the wallet?

Automatic AutoStake feature in your wallet

Automatic accrual of interest in the wallet.

How does AutoStake work?

We offer you our AutoStake protocol, which allows you to make instant transactions online. It's the fastest and most stable protocol in the history of cryptocurrency. The process is very simple and available to everyone, just buy $ RAO and store the token in your MetaMask or TrustWallet wallet and get an auto reward of 8% of every transaction of our network to your wallet. On a simple principle: buy RAO tokens - keep them - and earn a commission on every transaction...

This is a very cool AutoStake feature that gives you great earning opportunities. We reward our users with a simple relabeling feature that gives our holders 8% on every transaction in our network, while accruing an annual APY of 2,920.08% . This is the largest APY in our industry.

Our RAO protocol provides holders with added ease and simplicity of use. Compared to Baby Doge, our percentage is three times higher and will allow you to earn more than 8% from each transaction in our network. If you compare to bitcoin, our users will earn 8% commission on every transaction on the network and on ups and downs, while with bitcoin no one earns any commission, only on the exchange rate. We have a much higher annual APY of 2,920.08% and the best features and components we have ever used in our protocol.

AutoStake is a very simple but advanced Buy-Hold-Earn feature that provides maximum ease of use for all $RAO holders.

Buy-Hold-Earn - simply by buying $RAO and holding them in your wallet, you receive an 8% reward on every transaction in our network that is redistributed to your wallet. Your $RAO coins will grow every second and bring you a high income.

Using a very simple Positive formula, the 8% buy fee and 8% sell fee are redistributed to all holders of our tokens. By simply storing $RAO tokens in your wallet, you'll earn more coins, which are automatically sent to your wallet. And because of that, you'll earn the highest fixed income in the world. If you keep the tokens, for example, for 1 year, you'll get a high annual interest of 2,920.08%. Using a simple formula when calculating, 8% x 31 = 248% per month and 8% x 365 = 2,920.08% per year.

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