RAO Token

$RAO token smart contract: 0xAe908BA89cE0031D19972F19e863b86AAbB00280


Token - Binance Smart Chain, (BEP-20)

Name: Rao Cash

Symbol: RAO

Total Offer: 1,000,000.000 (one billion).

$RA0 is a multifunctional, decentralized, innovative token with high transaction speed that will be used as a medium of exchange between members of our Rao Cash community in a decentralized way. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, (BEP-20) with an extremely fast 3-second block time and cheaper gas fees than ethereum. The goal of the $RAO introduction is to provide a convenient and secure way for payments and settlements between members of our global network interacting within the Rao Cash ecosystem, without any intermediaries such as centralized entities/third parties/institutions/credit institutions/central banks, etc.


We burned before listing: 35% and about 2-4% will be burned every week.


Future partnerships (listing on all available exchanges)...

Team: 5%. Distribution 0.5% per week (fully accrued ~6 months)

Insurance treasury and marketing: 5%

Open sale: 40%

Liquidity: 15%.

Zero burn wallet: 35%.

ICO commission: 2%.

Transfer tax:

Buying commission: 15%.

Selling commission: 15%

Transfer fee: 1%.

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