What is Auto Mining?

Automatic mining.

A very cool feature in our Auto Mining ecosystem and the first in the world that allows you to mine coins without any additional costs for new equipment or energy consumption. Fully automatic coin mining for profit. Coin mining has never been easier. Just buy $ RAO, and mining will start automatically, mining your coins and bringing high income automatically to your wallet.

All you have to do is buy our RAO, then it starts fully automatic calculation and redistribution, and the coins go into your wallet. It does not matter at all how many RAO you have in your balance, all users will get equal shares of profit from mining, but the more RAO you buy at the start, the more profit from mining the user gets.

Get coins into your wallet while you sleep. After you buy $RAO, your mining will start automatically thanks to our new Auto Mining protocol.

Auto Mining is a consensus protocol automatic mining mechanism that mines RAO tokens into your wallet completely automatically. With every transaction on the network, Auto Mining mines RAO coins for you and automatically sends them to your wallet.

Get a high income from mining fully automatically.

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